Getting to the Root of the New Titles System in Aion Online

Getting to the Root of the New Titles System in Aion Online

Aion Online is still a couple of weeks away, but there have already been dozens of announcements that have made it look like this game may start to compete with the other big MMOs on the market. It’s not just the polished, pretty looking package that the game comes in – it’s the way in which Aion Online has managed to shift and change a lot of classic MMO conventions to make it appear new and fresh in comparison.

One such example is the advent of Aion’s title system. The Aion titles are going to be very different from other achievement based title systems, it’ll be strange to get titles that directly relate to the way in which your characters perform in the game.

How Aion Titles Are Different

To start with, you’ll find that Aion’s titles are going to be infinitely more engaging than any other title system on the market. This is done by ensuring they directly engage the player by adding small boosts to what characters can do. This means that when you complete certain questlines, crafting achievements or PvP tasks, you will gain titles that allow you to add small bits to key stats.

The different titles will fit into your race, your faction, and the different roles that you take on in both your class and your different questlines.

Examples of New Titles

Right now, there isn’t a very long list of available titles to review, but those being uncovered are appearing more and more often as the game gets closer to launch. Here are a few of the titles that have already been confirmed during closed beta for low level characters:

Asmodian Titles

o Treasure Hunter – Level 6 – Adds +4 Accuracy

o Raider Hero – Level 9 – Adds +20 Hitpoints and +2 Physical Defense

o Mosbear Slayer – Level 15 – Adds +2 Evasion

o Fluent in Mau – Level 10 – Adds +5 Magic Boost

o Legendary Hunter – Level 16 – Adds +6 Parry

Elyos Titles

o Poeta’s Protector – No Level (questline achievement) – Adds +20 Hitpoints and +2 Physical Defense

o Tree Hugger – Level 5 – Adds +4 Accuracy

o Animal Lover – Level 7 – Adds +20 Magic Power

o Straw for Brains – Level 12 – Adds +5 Parry

While the lists might be short right now, you can expect that as the game evolves, hundreds more titles will become available for players of both Asmodian and Elyos races.

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