The Best Promotional Item - 5 Key Pointers to Choosing the Promotional Gift That Will Work For You

The Best Promotional Item – 5 Key Pointers to Choosing the Promotional Gift That Will Work For You

1 – Is the product in the correct price range? If the product is too expensive, then it will blow your marketing budget. But, it is also true that a product that is too cheap is not a good idea.

Take for example promotional products that are being used as rewards. If you are just giving out a handful of prizes, then giving a gift that is cheap will not have the desired effect and will look very mean. But if the product is too expensive, then the marketing budget might not cover enough items.

2 – Does it give the right impression? Again, the price will be reflected in this, but a prize for a handful of top sales executives should not be a USB drive. But, if you are mass marketing through cheap giveaways, crystal trophies might be eye catching, but again do not give the feel,

Also the design and feel are important and can add to or take away from the gift. By choosing a classy metal pen over a similarly priced plastic pen, you give an air of something special. Add a barrel colour that compliments the logo colour scheme and you can produce a gift to be really proud of.

3 – Is the gift suitable for your distribution method? Maybe you are holding an awards evening and photographing the recipients after the event. Standing there holding their platinum plated parker pens might look good, but will the rewards be visible on the photograph? On the other hand, if you are standing at a trade fair giving out items to passing customers, then something large will be cumbersome to handle and small keyrings and pens are probably the best solution.

You also have to consider getting the items to the point of distribution. Small items are brilliant for posting out, handing out at trade fairs or giving to customers already purchasing in a shop.

4 – Does the item have enough printing space? A pen, although a very popular promotional product, only has a small amount of printing space. Fine if you just want to give out your basic contact details such as a website address or telephone number. But if you want to include a full colour logo, a message and your details, then pens are unlikely to satisfy your needs. Maybe a credit card shaped logo USB drive would be better, since it has quite a large printing area.

5 – Does it appeal to your audience? Promotional bugs are excellent for those that like them, but if you want businessmen to keep the item to hand, again a USB drive is probably a far better idea. Give the person something that they might want and they are far more likely to keep it, use it and be more aware of your message printed on it.

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