Auditions That Last - How to Make a First Impression That Lasts

Auditions That Last – How to Make a First Impression That Lasts

So you sit back and watch the next “superstar” rise to fame and fortune all the while the voice inside your head is screaming to get up and get out. Do you listen and consider why you weren’t picked.. or do you get up and get at it again? But, how do you get started? You know the Internet is the fastest way to having directors and talent scouts know you exist… but HOW do you make it happen? As my father used to say, “Pitter patter, lets get at ‘er” – so stick with me, in the next few paragraphs I’m going to show you how to get noticed by directors the very first audition.

The time to act has always been now – but do you feel condemned to sitting in an easy chair watching the winner walk on stage, picking up your award and all the while wondering why this person was chosen over you? Was it because they could sing better? Was it because they could write better copy for that niche? Maybe a combination of these things but just maybe its because they got up and did something. How easy it is to pick apart a singer like Susan Boyle? What then about a program that moves you into this space, clearing your head and motivating you unlike the bottom cushion of that easy chair? Time to move unknown star, and the time couldn’t be any riper.

So, you see yourself as a singer, writer, director or super affiliate. Whatever the title or genre it can happen swiftly and you could be the next Internet star – but how hard will you work for it, how much do you want it, and quite possibly what are you willing to sacrifice… or can you be shown a quicker faster method? Truth be known – there is no rhyme or reason why some people get the lead roles in life – being the best at something does not always entitle you to a winning trophy. Consider this; you want a room full of trophies? Buy them – its the fastest way – now consider having to dust all that plastic brass. Stick with me, the point is coming, I promise.

So you go for that audition – you don’t get it. You go to another. You don’t get that part either. You go to just one more and zing – the part is yours. Is it because you acted or sang better than the others? Maybe. But just maybe you walked in like you owned that part working from your past two auditions and hammered the role. The same applies with marketing yourself on a broader scale. Truly, an audition is nothing more than pure marketing, or, a selling of yourself. This holds true for a landing page or that script in your hand. You are selling of yourself and promoting it to the best of your ability.

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